Kids Bracelets: Bright Sign Of Happy Childhood

The jewelry industry offers an abundance of charming bracelets for children as every person indispensable of their age wants to look wonderful. You can choose any type of Kid bracelet you wish because there's an abundance of them on the market. Another option is to make an accessory for your child on your own. It would be a great pastime for children and parents on weekends or a possibility to learn new handcrafted jewelry tricks. You may get inspiration from the article on handmade bracelets and find many simple DIY bracelet ideas.

What is a Kids bracelet?

A Kids bracelet is a special accessory that suits a small wrist and has amazing decorative elements that symbolize happy childhood moments. These jewelry pieces may be suitable both for daily wearing, thematic events, or special occasions. In this article, you will find examples of all these bracelets that will help you make the right choice in the future. If you want to give your baby passion for adorable jewelry from an early age, read our article on the subject. Kids bracelets are extremely popular nowadays due to their accessibility and social media promotion. Children can see on the Internet beautiful accessories, and they wish to look good and be like their friends. Friendship bracelets play a crucial role in the kids' jewelry industry, but these accessories can be easily made with their hands. We prepared for you some absorbing information on Kids bracelets, so let’s explore their types!

Types of Kids bracelets

Kids bracelets are available in plenty of types, but we tried to select the most popular and gorgeous of them:

Silver Kids bracelet

Give your child a special symbol of love and care with a silver bracelet that will be on their wrist every time. Silver accessories are practical and stylish, so this cute thing will never be outdated. You can get identical mother-daughter bracelets to symbolize a strong connection with your kid. 

silver kids bracelet

Gold Kids bracelet

Kids bracelets made of gold are gorgeous complementation to flashy looks on special occasions. Present to your child a gold accessory that will remind them of happy moments for the whole life.

gold kids bracelet

String Kids bracelet

This material is an excellent choice for macrame bracelets, which have always been in vogue for adults and kids. Strings of any color and thickness may be adorned with beads, links, and charms, depending on your child's preferences. By the way, a string bracelet is an accessory that will perfectly match not only girls. Show your kid that bracelets may be an extremely beautiful accessory for handsome men and open to him a world of masculine jewelry.

string kids bracelet

Slap Kids bracelet

Slap bracelets are not only beautiful accessories but a thing to play with as well. Consider that a slap bracelet has a fabric or plastic cover as the bracelet itself is made of a piece of flexible steel that may have sharp edges. You can find more about these bright accessories for your kid in the article.

slap kids bracelet

Beaded Kids bracelet

This bracelet type is a must-have accessory for every kid since they are not expensive and are particularly versatile in their styles and colors. Beaded bracelets materials include plastic, wood, steel, wool, or precious metals of any size and shape. Moreover, you can make this bracelet on your own using a cord and different beads you kid like the most.


Season Kids bracelet

Having a special bracelet for every season is a highly fun thing for a little child who discovers the world and its beauty. Consider these season bracelet ideas for your kid and choose yours.

  • Spring Kids bracelets. Spring bracelets need to contain elements of nature such as flowers, animals, birds, butterflies, and anything your kid can imagine. This accessory would be excellent for different fests and day-to-day wear.
  • Summer Kids bracelets. In summer, your child should wear an appropriate accessory that will not cause any discomfort in hot weather. Adorn bright strings with versatile charms that your kid prefers the most. You can find many decorations in our charm collection to make your child’s bracelet to match their mood and look.
  • Autumn Kids bracelets. Your kid will be happy to have an accessory that matches the world around them. When autumn paints trees red and yellow, it’d be wonderful to go for a walk wearing an autumn bracelet. Children will have an amazing look with these accessories at thematic parties and photo sessions.
  • Winter Kids bracelets. Choose a winter accessory for your kid, paying attention to their comfort as wearing warm clothes and a bracelet may not always be a good idea. Winter Kid bracelets decorated with snowflakes, gifts, reindeer, or Santa charms are a wonderful gift on New Year and Christmas.

How to define a Kids bracelet size?

It may be a bit complicated to choose the right bracelet size for your child, especially if you want to make a memorable gift on an important occasion. We suggest you use our short guide not to risk choosing an accessory.

Firstly, take a measuring tape or a string and wrap it around the kid’s wrist below the wrist bone. If you are using a measuring tape, take a note of the size; but if you have a string, then cut it in the place where its two ends cross near the wrist. Take a ruler to measure the string’s length. The next step in defining the appropriate bracelet size is to add ½” to the measurement. And here is a table with exact measurements corresponding to a kid’s age if for some reasons you cannot measure the wrist size:

  • 1 year - 4 ½” – 5” 
  • 1-4 years - 5″ – 5 ½” 
  • 4-8 years - 5 ½” – 6″ 
  • 8-11 years - 6” – 6½”


Get an appealing bracelet for your child to show them jewelry beauty and develop a taste for fashionable accessories. Our article contains plenty of creative ideas to adorn your kid’s look and signify crucial life events.



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