Mixing Leather Bracelets For Different Clothing Styles

Many people fond of jewelry pieces and unique accessories consider choosing leather bracelets when they need something to give some cutting-edge style to their outfit. Leather bracelets are perfect at making your attire more complete and outstanding. 

Although leather as a material for clothing and accessories has been popular for a long period of time, it is still sometimes difficult to achieve the desired result with a piece of leather jewelry added to your current look. Wearing too much statement jewelry can easily overload an outfit, which is usually affecting the balance of all details in your attire.

mix of leather bracelets

We know how hard it can be to create a perfect fashion capsule on your own. Here are some tips and tricks that could help you complement your clothes and accessories with bracelets made of leather in a fashionable way rather than ruin any of your looks.

Casual outfits with leather bracelets

Let’s talk about casual style first. Leather jewelry brings an unusual touch to your usual wardrobe and daily wear. Leather bracelets look great with jeans and tank tops, although adding leather jewelry pieces to an outfit that has some leather parts like leggings, pants, or jackets is not a good idea. Too much leather is not an elegant fit for your casual style.

However, wearing a leather bracelet with leather shoes or handbags is absolutely in fashion and looks right. The best idea is to choose braided bracelets, cuffs, or leather jewelry with other materials for your casual outfits. These bracelets go well with other types of bracelets like sterling silver ones.

leather bracelet with a leather bag

For example, creating stacked multi-layered looks will contribute to the freshness of the attire. A golden chain bracelet will make a fascinating combination with a brown leather bracelet. Mixing extremes in one look is surely something worth going for if you want to stand out!

Leather bracelets in a workplace outfit

Some people think that leather bracelets will not look proper at the office or in attire for a formal event since those require wearing dresses or suits. That is true only partly and let us explain why.

In reality, you can easily create a great and, more importantly, proper-looking ensemble if you opt leather cuffs of a sleeker design or use the jewelry that has leather as an accent. It is better to leave your colorful leather bracelets at home when going to a formal dressy event; still, neutral black, variations of brown, or even white leather bracelets may fit flawlessly.

watch and leather bracelet

A perfect combo for a day at work is a leather bracelet accompanied by a watch. If you take a look around at the office and see what others are wearing, you will notice that this mix is a common type of embellishment for an office clerk.

Date outfit with leather bracelets

Who said leather bracelets can't add playful and charming vibes to your look? You just need to know what to go for when seeking leather adornments for such a special occasion.

What we do recommend is creating a well-balanced match of a thin leather bracelet with a choker made of some soft fabric, like velvet. Such a powerful unity of jewelry pieces from different materials will make an ideal finish to your romantic look.

velvet choker with pendant

If you want to surprise your date with an extravagant look, opt for a statement leather bracelet that can make a great match with a discreet pendant hanging from your neck. Make sure not to combine a massive leather wrap bracelet with a correspondingly big necklace or any other jewelry piece; you will end up with a heavy look that can only work with some specific items of clothes. You really don't want to be too risky on your first date, right?

Leather bracelet with an evening gown

This one is rather controversial. Combining an expensive, full-length evening dress with a leather bracelet might not be the best idea ever. Still, if you are stubborn and passionate about creating such an extraordinary look, let's see what could be done here.

black leather bracelet with charms

Theoretically, if you are wearing a long evening gown that boasts some deep red, violet, or burgundy shade, then an elegant leather bracelet made from a correspondingly dark material will beautifully complement the attire's color. In addition to that, a sophisticated and well-designed charm bracelet with a leather cord will attract the attention of people around you to the shiny details made of sterling silver rather than the cord's material itself.

There is one more rule for leather jewelry wear – do not put too much of it on. It is better to combine a leather bracelet with other types like gold or silver bracelets when you think that a single one is not enough. It is a huge upside of leather that it is easily matched with almost any other material, so go ahead and experiment with it!



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