Tips On Choosing Trendy Leather Bracelets

Leather has always been a stylish and highly fashionable material for jewelry. Those pieces of jewelry made of leather are getting more and more versatile each season, which makes it more exciting to possess one.

red leather bracelet with clasp

Speaking of jewelry production, leather is used for various applications in this enormous sphere. During recent years, the demand for spicy leather bracelets has been at its highest level. Every season, new collections offer extreme or subtle differing in styles, colors, and patterns of their brand jewelry pieces.

As leather bracelets make one of our favorite types of adornments, it would be logical to assume that there are millions of people willing to purchase a beautiful leather bracelet. Let us provide you with some tips on how to pick the best option.

How to choose a leather bracelet

Choosing a perfect piece of jewelry is an extremely challenging task. There are numerous aspects that we should take into account to end up purchasing the best option to suit our style.

Color of a leather bracelet

First of all, it's crucial that we pick the right color that will go well with most or just some of our items of clothes. Bracelets handcrafted with black or brown leather make perfect neutral and, therefore, universal accessories that will make a perfect match with almost anything from casual daily wear.

leopard pattern leather bracelet

If your are up to some attention, then you want to go with vibrant colorful bracelets made of saturated red, yellow, blue, or other leather; extraordinary patterns are also welcomed here. There are multicolored bracelets for an even more bright and eye-catching look. If a splash of color is the thing that your outfit lacks today – several multicolor leather braids will make a perfect bracelet.

 Strip's thickness in a leather bracelet

This aspect is critical for the next criterion for choosing a leather bracelet. The durability and the bracelet's capability to withstand pressure and weight put on the strip depends directly on the thickness of a leather cord that makes the basis of the bracelet.

thin leather cord bracelet

If you are going to decorate your leather bracelet with numerous additional details, make sure to buy a bracelet with a thick, wide, and high-quality leather cord in its core. Then, you will be able to experiment as much as you wish.

Additional details in a leather bracelet

Another essential characteristic of bracelets is the usage of supplementary materials. When leather is combined with metals the bracelet starts to showcase additional texture. Leather bracelets might have metal links or chains woven right into the jewelry ensuring a very modern look for any of your outfits.

Similarly, there is a vast range of leather bracelets decorated with silver or gold beads that contribute to the adornment's completeness. They may have ornaments or crystals on them, making a great variety of extra decorative items for a leather bracelet.

leather bracelet with beads

But we do not think only about metals. Some women might consider metals to look too heavy; this is why many strive to have bracelets with plastic beads instead. Those are softer and way more saturated.

As you might expect, leather bracelets are also great for adding charms to them, just like trendy sterling silver bracelets. Charms have plenty of room to be clasped to leather bracelets so make sure to try this option.

Just think about the weight of your charms when attaching many of them to one leather bracelet and control its stretch. Anyway, a high-quality leather bracelet will hold enough charms for you to make the adornment as individual and unique as possible.

Number of layers in a leather bracelet

Last but not least, the overall impression that the bracelet makes on others depends on how many layers it has in its core. For instance, if we compare a one-cord leather bracelet to a multiple-layered one, they will serve different purposes for your style.

multi layered leather bracelet

A minimalist leather bracelet will complement your petite wrist and contribute to the simplicity and lightness of the look, whereas a massive leather bracelet will give your appearance a sense of extravagance and make a statement in your look. Remember to consider this aspect when choosing a leather bracelet.

Even a plain leather bracelet with no charms, beads, or other embellishments, made of neutral, earthly-colored leather is going to add a lot of diversity and freshness to your look. The designs we offer in our online store have clasps and fasteners made of high-quality sterling silver that gives a nice precious touch to each leather bracelet available. Those are surely going to become a valuable contribution to your jewelry box. 



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