Make Your Life Colorful With Popsicle Stick Bracelets

Did you know that an ordinary popsicle stick or also known as a lollipop stick, or wooden craft stick can turn into an attractive piece of jewelry? If not, then you have probably never heard of popsicle stick bracelets. This is a budget-friendly, DIY idea that will make everyone wonder how it is possible to create jewelry with improvised materials. The bracelets will be a perfect match with summer outfits and beach clothes. By the way, the process of making popsicle stick bracelets must be extremely exciting for kids and teens. This is the way to show your creativity and bold challenges to the world of fashion accessories. Popsicle stick bracelets can't be bought in the ordinary jewelry store and it makes them even more special. You may also share this craft idea with your kids to make birthday gifts for the whole family. After reading this article you will know how to make DIY popsicle stick bracelets and meet awe-inspiring ideas of their diverse design.

What is a Popsicle Stick bracelet?

A popsicle stick bracelet is a stylish and innovative piece of jewelry where creativity and practicality are bonded together. The accessories are produced of popsicle sticks - wooden sticks made of baltic birch. Thus you will need a bit more patience, water, and time to bend the stick into the desired shape. The idea of this type of jewelry is extraordinary: you can choose a bunch of craft sticks in the store for a few dollars and decorate them as you wish. You can paint them, burn the wood, add some glitter, or simply wrap them with embroidery floss.

The shape of the bracelets is also optional: whether you like it in stripes, random, or rainbow. Thinking of such an easy-as-pie DIY bracelet another question arises: how is it possible to bend a stick without breaking it. And here is an answer: the wood will be softened in boiling water or it will be just cut down with no risk to split it or crack. This version of the bracelet is much more eco-friendly than other ones as the wood is biodegradable but it also takes some trees away from the planet so you should use popsicle sticks rationally. Moving forward, you will see the step-by-step instructions for making your popsicle stick bracelet.

How to make a Popsicle Stick bracelet

The process of creating a popsicle stick bracelet is easily understandable even from the written instructions, but if you are more of a visual person, you will find many tutorials on the internet. Like other DIY bracelets, these accessories need your imagination and creative spirit. In terms of materials, you will have to prepare a handful of popsicle sticks, scissors, glass, pot, and water. Get ready for magic!

Step 1

Fill the pot with water and boil it. Then submerge a popsicle stick into the water and leave them to boil for 30 minutes. Be aware of the water's hot temperature.

Step 2

When the heating is off, start removing the popsicle sticks with tongs or another utensil from the water. Put them on a dishtowel. Wait some time until the sticks become cool. When they are safe to touch, you will see that they are soft and malleable. Bend the sticks into a rounded shape so it looks like a cuff bracelet. Then place it at the top of your glass. If you have more sticks and want to do it together, push the boiled stick down with your thumbs and fit another popsicle stick.

Step 3

Leave the construction dry in the glass till it shapes in circular form. It is better to let them stay overnight to be sure they are ready. Then remove almost finished bracelets from the glass and start to decorate them.

Popsicle Stick bracelets ideas

While you are thinking of how to decorate your new fashionable accessory, you can look at our ideas and choose one of them. Remember that you will have to prepare more decorating materials and think over the way they will stick to the bracelet base.

Washi tape Popsicle Stick bracelet

While washi tape is trendy now and the process of decorating will be quick and not complicated, you can choose it in different designs and shapes for a reasonable price. When the tape is chosen, the time for your creativity begins. You may cover the whole rounded popsicle stick with the tape, smoothing it and cutting it in the end. Or you may fill only some pieces of a bracelet, for example only the edges, and leave another space as it is. Generally, the part of the decoration is up to your likings.

washi tape popsicle stick bracelet

Gemstones Popsicle Stick bracelet

By adding the gemstones to your bracelet, you can expand its variety: there may be important names, your special signs, or just patterns without exceptional meaning. Before you start to embellish the wood, make sure they do not carry any dust. Apply your favorite design and put some varnish on the inside of the accessory. As the varnish is likely to make wood straighten slightly, put the bracelet in the glass jar to dry.

gemstones popsicle stick bracelet

Popsicle Stick bracelet with embroidery thread

What could be easier than just wrapping the whole bracelet with contrasting embroidery thread? Thus you will have to punch holes at the end of the stick with a thumbtack and thread the embroidery thread through it.

popsicle stick bracelet with embroidery thread

Glitter Popsicle Stick bracelet

If you want to shine bright like a diamond, then decorating a bracelet with glitter will be your perfect idea. Add some glue over the wooden stick, sprinkle it with glitter. Remove the remaining glitter and let it dry for 30 minutes.

glitter popsicle stick bracelet

Popsicle Stick bracelets special features

These accessories are especially unusual because of their style of decorating. Being very similar to slap bracelets, popsicle stick cuff wristbands are extremely bright and shining. By the way, you can do it by yourself at a low cost and maximum pleasure!


Popsicle stick bracelets stand out for their multifunctional nature: they can be crafted at home, painted, varnished, decorated with embroidery thread, washi tape, glitter, gems, and lace. Whichever type of design you choose, you will look extraordinary and unique with popsicle stick bracelets. 



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