Do you remember yourself as a child in a summer camp sitting by the sea, catching the sun with lots of bracelets on your hands? This picture is very familiar to us. While everyone had a colorful handmade accessory, we wanted to stand out with our special bracelet by its design and creative embodiment. Not only children, but adults are fond of gimp bracelets as well. Also called scoubidou or boondoggle, gimp bracelets have a great number of their types. Moreover, the process of doing this type of accessory is more than just a sign of your originality: it helps to express your individuality. This is the perfect way to spend leisure time with your kid so read the article and open a new look at gimp bracelets.

What is a Gimp bracelet?

Gimp bracelet is a part of a knotting craft that primarily was intended for children. Its origins came from France when the popularity of scoubidou reached its edge in the 1950s. In fact, the definition ''scoubidou'' originated after the song by Sasha Distel - a well-known French singer. In 2004-2005 gimp bracelets came into fashion in many countries such as the United Kingdom and remain an extraordinary accessory for desperate fashionistas. The activity of making gimp bracelets is extremely popular among children in camps. The variety of gimp bracelets is immense, thus their naming is quite different. Scoobies - a short form for scoubidou, are related to colorful plastic strands or repeated knots. When calling them boondoggle, we understand braided material with original traditions from scouts with their way of braiding a ring to hold a neckerchief. As the material, the gimp is used in silk, polyester, wool, and cotton variations covered with metallic wire which makes it suitable for knotting. Gimp bracelets also have worldwide recognition. In 2008 Manuela Dos Santos from Brancourt, France, presented the world's longest scoubidou - 1,673 feet and 2 inches. This fact is tangible proof of gimp bracelets' actuality.

How to make a Gimp bracelet?

As with many handmade bracelets, gimp bracelets are not the exception. You can create your own accessory by yourself at minimum cost. By the way, it is better to watch tutorials but just to have a short glimpse, this information should be quite appropriate. To make a gimp bracelet you will need to have a plastic lacing, paper tape, scissors, a wood bead with a large hole, and glue. Every type of bracelet starts with making a loop at the top by folding the lacing in half. Tape down the loop to make it immovable. The diameter of the loop should equal the diameter of your bead. Then take another string, place it at the center of the first one, slide it behind, and knot around. Continue knotting to the desired length. As another knotting example, you may tie a forward knot on the string around the others and repeat with a backward knot. To finish the bracelet, make a knot at the end, slide a bead, and knot it. The variety of doing gimp bracelets techniques is immense: from the complexity of the process to different knick-knackery additions. Whether you like a single-strap bracelet or massive double, triple wristband, you should be acquainted with gimp bracelet types.

Gimp bracelet types

Everyone who creates a gimp bracelet may discover a new type of bracelet. This is why the definition of their types is quite strange. Thus we will distinguish gimp bracelets by the type of knot they were produced of.

square stitch know gimp bracelets

The bracelets made in square stitch or also known as box stitch are the most common. To make such a bracelet, two strands are used. Take the end of one strand, cross opposite ends, then take one of the other ends and go over the first string and under the second string. By doubling the bracelet size you can create a double or triple stitch.

Spiral knot Gimp bracelet

Spiral gimp bracelets look more like cylindrical knotting. While in the square stitch you cross the ends straight over, here you should cross the ends diagonally. To improve the bracelet form, you can also add some twists while knitting the gimp strips.

spiral know gimp bracelets

Cobra twist Gimp bracelet

Using this technique is very popular among gimp bracelets makers. When you try to reproduce a cobra-like knot, you need to tie two strands around the other two strands back and forth. There is also a super cobra technique, when the strands bonded around the cobra, to make the bracelets larger.

cobra twist gimp bracelets

The Chinese staircase Gimp bracelet

Making a gimp bracelet in the Chinese staircase style is much easier. Just tie one strand around another and go knotting to the end. The size of the bracelet depends on the number of strands you use.

the Chinese staircase gimp bracelets

The butterfly stitch Gimp bracelet

Indeed, such types of gimp bracelets look like a butterfly. The technique looks as follows: put one loop strand through another, and pull the latter loop. This ''butterfly bracelet'' is so popular for its harmonious look.

the butterfly gimp bracelets

Gimp bracelets with chains

While gimp bracelets by themselves may look somehow aimed for children only, there is a way out of how to turn it into a full-fledged accessory. Use additional chains or charms and reinforce the usual look of a gimp bracelet. Here you can choose your favorite weaving technique, knit the bracelet to the half, and then just attach a chain or whatever you wish. With such a bracelet, you can fully complement your outfit.

gimp bracelets with chains

Gimp bracelets special features

As a very colorful accessory, gimp bracelets give a special charm to their owners. Furthermore, the process of making gimp bracelets is not only attractive but useful for children to develop fine motor skills and for adults to improve creativity. Similar to woven bracelets, they may be considered friendship bracelets for those who like to express their personality exceptionally.


Gimp bracelets are a special type of accessories. They are available for everyone as you can make them by yourself. The variety of weaving the gimp bracelet is huge so it will be a big pleasure to create the accessory in your personal way.