Cra-Z-Loom Bracelets - A New Source Of Creativity

Who, if not children, brings joy and bright colors into our lives? They develop extraordinary ideas as well. Cra-z-loom bracelets are the most tangible proof of it. It is a real wonder to see how a set of loops with the help of a rainbow loom turn into an exciting accessory. Moreover, this is not just a kids' toy, it is an officially launched trend around the world. The instruction of making it is very simple and described in small details to allow children to follow it. It makes them busy for a very long time and it may be addictive, in a good sense. Just mix small colorful bands, put them on a loom, make magic with a plastic stick, and enjoy a new type of accessory! Engage children, learn it yourself, and make the whole world of jewelry inside your home.

What is a Cra-Z-Loom bracelet?

As you may already guess, this bracelet also known as the rainbow loom is a simple and effortless to do rubber band accessory. All the process is performed on a loom - a plastic tool for weaving colorful plastic and rubber bands. It was designed in 2010 by Cheong Choon Ng in Novi, Michigan. Having graduated as a mechanical engineer, the man often saw his daughter making rubber-band bracelets. This is how the idea of a toy loom was born. Cra-Z-Loom bracelets have expanded their borders to neighborhood children when Ng's daughter offered to sell the looms. It took him 6 months to produce the loom kit in 28 different versions. Originally, the loom kit prototype called Twistz Bandz consisted of a wooden board, dental hooks, and pegs. But the success has not come at the first stages. People at first didn't understand how to use this tool and Ng launched his website where tutorial videos were uploaded. The loom targeted at children from 8 to 14 years old, became extremely popular at the times of summer clubs and summer camps in 2013, as The New York Times states. Children shared the idea that cra-z-loom bracelets could be the same as friendship bracelets. They spread this piece of jewelry throughout the world making their instructional videos online. Loom as a tool was awarded by Cyber Monday Awards as one of the three most popular toys in 2013. It was the most-searched tool kit on Google and one of the most popular toys in the world described by BBC News. Many celebrities like Prince William, Miley Cyrus, David Beckham, Duke of Cambridge, Catherine Duchess of Cambridge, and Pope Francis wore cra-z-loom bracelets given to them by fans. We are sure this loud speech made you curious about the bracelets. Read the DIY and follow the steps to create your unique cra-z-loom bracelet.

How to make a Cra-Z-Loom bracelet?

A whole book would not be enough to describe the variety of types of cra-z-loom bracelets and their weaving techniques. Single, fishtail, double-cross, zigzag, inverted fishtail, firecracker, starburst, zippy chain, railway truck, turtleback, raindrops, butterfly blossom, octopus charm, beaded, and many other styles of bracelets make them incomparable with any other DIY bracelets. Let's learn how to make the most popular cra-z-loom bracelet type - rainbow loom fishtail. For this accessory, you will need a rainbow loom kit, bands, c-clips, loom hook, and 10-15 minutes of free time.

Step 1

This bracelet is not overwhelmed by complicated hacks, as you will need to use only two pegs on the loom. Put the first band in a figure-eight shape on the closest to your two first pegs. This will make a strong and secure end of your new accessory. After that, place two more bands over the pegs on top of the loom right band.

Step 2

This is the main part of the weaving process. To loop the band over two top bands, you need to pull the left part of the loom over the peg. Do the same with the right side. Put another band over the pegs. Then loop the bottom band over two top bands and add a new band. Continue weaving until you reach the desired length. Remember that you always need to have three bands on the pegs.

Step 3

To remove the bracelet from the loop, take it at the top by the band. Add some extra bands and attach the clip. Enjoy the process and your new rainbow loom fishtail bracelet.

Best Cra-Z-Loom bracelets ideas

Firecracker Cra-Z-Loom bracelet

Indeed, the firecracker will crack your mind with a bit of a complicated process, but the result is worth it!

Firecracker crazloom bracelet

Starburst Cra-Z-Loom bracelet

This design is recognizable among many cra-z-loom bracelets lovers. With the mixed colors, you will receive a real treasure - a line of eye-catching weaved stars.

Starburst crazloom bracelet

Zippy Chain Cra-Z-Loom bracelet

This type of bracelet is dedicated to real masters. In the end, the construction will have a vision of a chain, entwined in mane lines.

Zippy chain crazloom bracelet

Railway Track Cra-Z-Loom bracelet

Compared to previous cra-z-loom bracelet types, railway track bracelets can be performed by beginners. Someone will associate it with tracks, someone with the ladder, but its uniqueness remains significant in any way.

Railway track crazloom bracelet

Beaded Ladder Cra-Z-Loom bracelet

And finally, we meet the design with beads added. You may attach your favorite beads, charms, and gems to turn the bracelet into a luxury piece of jewelry.

Beaded ladder crazloom bracelet

Extravaganza Cra-Z-Loom bracelet

The name speaks by itself: this type is so unusual. The rubber bands merge into a single scale and do not leave anyone indifferent.

Extravaganza crazloom bracelet

Cra-Z-Loom bracelets special features

Having a long history, cra-z-loom bracelets remain trendy nowadays as well. These special accessories can't be omitted as they make a whole industry of popular bracelets. Both children and adults get themselves involved in their weaving process. With dozens of techniques, you will surely find your favorite one.


Cra-z-loom bracelet is not simply an interactive craft idea, it is something more. It is rather a creative way to develop your creativity, express yourself, improve your weaving skills, and patience. With tons of tutorials available on the internet, it no longer has any complexity to learn how to realize the most unusual cra-z-loom bracelets ideas.



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