Seed Bead Bracelets: Little Things That Make A Big Difference

Every girl is familiar with Seed bead bracelets from her childhood, as cute bead bracelets were an excellent accessory for young ladies. Nowadays, these pieces of jewelry adorn the wrists of females of all ages and serve as a warm reminder of a carefree childhood. Multicolored beads and various patterns make a seed bead bracelet a must-have accessory. They perfectly match different outfits and look gorgeous when combined with other bracelets. Continue reading to explore seed bead types and choose the best version for you.

What is a Seed bead bracelet?

A Seed bead bracelet is an accessory made of tiny beads of various colors. You can find different shapes, sizes, and materials of beads and easily create the bracelet on your own. Seed bracelets are suitable for women for everyday wear because they are comfortable and practical. These accessories became popular at the beginning of the XXth century and were mainly made of glass. You can encounter cylinder, cut, and bugle beads that are tabular-shaped. There is a list of seed beads colors and finishes recognized worldwide: transparent, translucent, opaque, matte, silver-lined, copper-lined, bronze-lined, luster (a transparent pearl), and aurora borealis. Find your Seed bead bracelet to complement different outfits and have a cozy piece of jewelry on your wrist that will ward off unpleasant thoughts. If you are a fan of cute bracelets, read our article dedicated to these elegant perfections.

Types of Seed bead bracelets

We have found the most fabulous Seed bracelets types and gathered them for you in this list to make your search process uncomplicated. Enjoy choosing a perfect accessory for you or to make a gift to someone, as Seed bead bracelets will be in vogue for a long time.

Wrap Seed bead bracelets

Our collection of wrap bracelets demonstrates the full magnificence of this jewelry type. Multiple rows of elegant Seed beads perfectly mix and match with your stunning outfits. Dark shades and colors reflect the night’s lights and keep their secrets. We thoroughly recommend you choose wrap Seed bead accessories for official looks and charming evening gowns.

wrap seed bead bracelets

Minimalistic Seed bead bracelets

At first sight, you may find it simple and boring, and start to combine a minimalistic bracelet with various accessories to create a good stack. But this bracelet’s peculiarity is hidden in a row of small beads that enchant everyone. Put on a gemstone or pearl ring to make your look more versatile and experiment with accessories’ combinations. Avoid bright colors of seed beads because if they are golden, silver, or matte, it gives a significantly more elegant look.

minimalistic seed bead bracelets

Seed bead bracelet stack sets

Outstanding personalities prefer stack sets due to the possibility to self-express and show up. A Seed bead bracelet adorned with gemstones or pearls makes an accessory look expensive and exquisite. But pay attention to the color matching in order to ensure your bracelet is not flamboyant or extremely showy. Casual outfits are a great choice for wearing stack sets, but you may also complement your romantic outlooks or whatever you want, depending on the style and design of the accessory.

seed bead bracelet stack sets

Pattern Seed bead bracelets

The small size and diversity of colors enable people to create fantastic pattern bracelets using seed beads. But it isn’t only about bright images, patterns can be different and match any person’s wish. There are those who choose a bracelet with the bead pattern of their name, someone prefers flora themes or geometrical patterns. You can find any image you can imagine and even more, or ask the master to create a unique pattern.

pattern seed bead bracelets

Chain Seed bead bracelets

The main part of a bracelet is made of seed beads and a chain is a great complementation to bright multi-colored patterns. Moreover, these bracelets make a fine match with leather bracelets which are designed with extraordinary beads and charms, such as flowers, butterflies, figures, or ornaments. This bracelet type will perfectly mix and match your summer outfits or casual clothes.

chain seed bead bracelets

Tube Seed bead bracelets

The tube Seed bead accessories are a good choice for people with an extraordinary and brave style. Agree that it’s unusual to see beads inside of a transparent material forming a bracelet. We are not used to these unique bracelets and you will definitely acquire much people’s attention while wearing this accessory.

tube seed bead bracelets

How to make a Seed bead bracelet?

Seed bead bracelets are one of the simplest DIY accessories that are why people love to make and wear them. In order to create the beaded accessory, you definitely need the seed beads you like, a needle, jewelry nylon, clasp, pliers, and charms at will. Firstly, you have to thread the needle with a piece of nylon (35cm) and tie a knot at the end of the string. Then it’s desired to measure your wrist and thread on the seed beads until you reach the necessary length. Once you finish treading, make a knot, attach a clasp, and the charms or findings. Congratulations! Now you have a beautiful bracelet to enjoy wearing with your other accessories. Create perfect stacks following simple rules that help bracelets to complement and put forward each other’s beauty.


Seed bead bracelets reentered our lives, suggesting a variety of different styles and designs. It is a kind of jewelry that is essential for any woman and girl because its versatile nature means that the bracelet will match all your outfits.



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