Enamelled Bracelets - Your Beautiful Means Of Self-Expression

Enamelled jewelry possesses a rich spectrum of colors and masterly outlined details that magnify by its elegance. Despite its long history, Enamelled bracelets are still popular up to now, and they are young fashionista adore complementing their casual outfits with these opulent accessories. What secret is hidden behind this colorful coverage? Why do women feel confidence and inner power wearing Enamelled accessories? We will try to answer these questions in the article and show unknown aspects that constitute bracelets’ opulence. Move on to reveal their precious mystery.

What is an Enamelled bracelet?

An Enamelled bracelet is a gorgeous accessory that is known for its bright cover and dazzling look. People discovered enamel beauty a long time ago, and its history dates back to the ancient Persian empire. The prominent Persian jewelry makers created a special technique known as Meenakari. It allowed them to craft vibrant, colorful enamel bracelets for their emperors. Major ancient civilizations wore Enamelled accessories and had their own enameling style. In the 19th century, Enamelled bracelets reached a peak of their popularity since prominent French designers invented a new style of creation of these beautiful pieces. The technique called plique a jour gained immense popularity and recognition within nobility circles.

Today women of all ages adore wearing Enamelled bracelets made of different materials but covered with a smooth layer of vibrant colors. If you want to refresh your look with elegant details, choose Enamelled jewelry that perfectly matches any accessories. Explore the collection of enamel charms that may be a part of your stunning look.

Enamelled bracelet type

Firstly, let’s mention the techniques of enameling to better understand these accessories’ styles. The plique a jour technique was done by adding the enamel powder into little sections in the metal and then removing the foil used to hold it together. Champlevé technique is known for small hollows in the metal surface, which is filled with colored enamel and heated. Meenakari is characterized by a colorful appearance and is widely used in ornamental objects. In cloisonné enamel is filled into a design outlined by wires of gold or silver. Here is a brief bracelet classification that will help you choose the appropriate piece.

Link Enamelled bracelet

This elegant accessory will make you stand out and complement elegant outfits suitable for important occasions. You can choose a chain necklace made of the same material as a bracelet to have a stylish look. Decorations that adorn your chain bracelet may have different styles, ornaments, and colors you just need to pick up the right accessory that matches your outfit. It will be a fabulous gift for your nearest and dearest who are into elegant jewelry.

link enamelled bracelets

Bangle Enamelled bracelet

Metal bangles covered with bright enamel are a fine match to casual outfits. With this bracelet type, you can feel the freedom of self-expression and inspiration to experiment with your looks. You can wear bangle bracelets on hot summer days and stack them with bright DIY accessories. Vibrant enamel will make every day full of positive emotions, and you will start to catch good vibes.

bangle enamelled bracelets

Diamond Enamelled bracelet

This luxurious accessory will make you feel like a princess as precious stones combined with gentle enamel tones are something fantastic. Diamond bracelets have been praised throughout all history and embody the immense inner beauty of their owner. Be special, do not blend in with the crowd that stopped to find value in elegance. With a diamond Enamelled bracelet, you will astonish yourself and others.

diamond enamelled bracelets

Victorian Enamelled bracelet

This elegant accessory is a symbol of nineteenth-century England when ladies complemented their corsets, bonnets, and petticoats with Enamelled jewelry. It was particularly popular during the Victorian Jewellery Revival which took place in the 1930s and 1940s. If you want to go back to this romantic era, get an Enamelled bracelet with precious stones and exquisite ornaments.

victorian enamelled bracelets

Vintage Enamelled bracelet

A vintage bracelet is a great way to add an element of glamour, gloss, and elegance to your look and self-express yourself in the most unordinary way. If you are interested in antique items and accessories, you should definitely choose an Enamelled vintage bracelet. It would be a stunning match to evening gowns worn on special occasions.

vintage enamelled bracelets

Features of Enamelled bracelet

Enameling popularity is caused by its ability to lend itself to various designs and to add color to a piece of jewelry without the use of gemstones. Someone may think that Enamelled bracelets are for low-income people and are not of value to elegant looks. We want to reassure you of the opposite; as enamel may cover different types of precious and stylish accessories. A properly chosen Enamelled bracelet will give a sophisticated touch to any outfit. Moreover, it's a great accessory to put on any occasion and a creative gift for your close person. You may choose jewelry sets where all the pieces are decorated with enamel. It will give you a stunning look and underline your unique personality.

How to care for Enamelled bracelets?

Enamelled accessories are easy to care for and clean, as they are quite durable and aren't prone to damage. Their maintenance process is similar to other jewelry types so that you’re welcomed to find more data in the article. You just need warm soapy water to soak the jewelry and a soft cloth or brush to clean the bracelet. Rinse the piece carefully and dry it with a lint-free cloth. Consider that jewelry storage is an important aspect of its maintenance, so keep it in a dry place where it won’t be exposed to any damage. If you need to have your Enamelled bracelet repaired, look for a skilled jeweler to prevent further damage.


Enamelled jewelry pieces have been attracting women for centuries, and today fashion for bright accessories is gaining people’s hearts. Ladies want to have a special element in their look that will perfectly match their feelings and moods. A variety of Enamelled bracelets styles allows any fashionista to find her favorite piece and self-express her beauty with bright-colored details.



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