Make Your Jewellery Personal With A Unique Name Bracelet

Are you looking for an accessory that will be your personal reflection? Or maybe you want to show the world that there is a little person who has their name, their ideas, and thoughts? A name bracelet will be a small but significant step to demonstrate your uniqueness. Be different, be special, and have your own vision and goal. Let others see your nature, show the world your independence and desire to get out of line. However, a name bracelet can also be a symbol of love people share to have similar jewelry pieces like wedding rings.

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What is a name bracelet?

Name Bracelet is a piece of jewelry made of any material and design you could ever imagine, but all of these bracelets have a common feature - the name of their owner attached in the form of a charm or engraved in the metal. Young people adore these unique accessories that underline their personality and symbolize the person's manifestation to the world or the desire to be noticed and remembered. The idea of wearing name bracelets is not very old if we will take into account the appearance of the first bracelets dated back to 5000 BCE. People around the world like wearing accessories depicting their initials, mostly if we talk about the practically identical couple bracelets, except for size and persons' names. Find some interesting information about the couple bracelets that will be a unique token of your love.

Name bracelet materials

You can choose any name bracelet material that is appropriate to you and fits your style or occasion. There are metal, fabric, crystal, leather, and many other excellent materials for your bracelet. Let's see the most popular of them!

Pearl name bracelet

It's an incredible piece of jewelry suitable for really important life events such as birthdays, weddings, baptisms, or any other significant occasion. Exquisite and delicate pearls highlight your femininity, especially if you compliment the bracelet with charming pearl earrings.

pearl name bracelets

Gold name bracelet

You can find many stunning bracelets made of different materials, but gold is a metal that will never be outdated or boring. It's suitable for all ages, and people cannot imagine their lives without gold accessories. Maybe it's time to choose your name bracelet made of aurum and make this precious jewelry the gem of your daily outfits.

gold name bracelets

Silver name bracelet

We've already noted the significance of silver bracelets and their infinite variety of style, form, and design. This cold and reserved metal will feature your dignity and strong inner power combined with self-control. If you dream about the acquisition of these features, a silver name bracelet is just for you!

silver name bracelets

Leather name bracelet

This accessory material is quite universal and can complement any outfit and match every person. The collection of leather bracelets will not leave you a chance to ignore this gorgeous personalized jewelry. At first sight, brutal and masculine, a leather name bracelet is a great way to reveal your rebel nature by adorning it with various decorative elements and name inscriptions.

leather name bracelets

Gemstone name bracelet

Everyone has a particular gemstone symbolizing their character according to their name or date of birth. Choose the appropriate crystal or the one that you like the most, and your name bracelet will get additional meaning and charm.

gemstone name bracelets

Types of name bracelets

You can encounter plenty of magnificent bracelet types with the most sophisticated designs. Choose your unique name bracelet or those you'd like to give your significant other or best friend.

Beaded name bracelet

Beaded accessories characterize joyful and positive people who don't want to notice problems and focus on negativity. Different colors, shapes, and designs of beads make it one of the most popular means of jewelry making. See the versatile bead collection and make the right choice of a name bracelet.

beaded name bracelets

Macrame name bracelet

This bracelet type is great for youngsters who very often build gorgeous stacks on their arms using them. They are suitable both for boys and girls and may be a perfect idea for a friendship bracelet. Having the same name bracelet with your friend will be a symbol of a true friendship that can stay with you for the whole life.

macrame name bracelets

Chain name bracelet

Chain bracelets are frequently used as a base for various meaningful decorative elements. Made of silver, gold, or other metal, chain bracelets are perfect complementation to your name. It's a casual accessory that will always be on your wrist, giving your look an elegant feature.

chain name bracelets

Engraved name bracelet

Metal name bracelets are very often adorned with charming engravings. You can come across people's own names, their children's, parent's or their partner's and their own names together. Engraved name bracelets are an excellent choice of a present for someone special for you.

engraved name bracelets


Name bracelets are extremely popular due to their multifacetedness and ability to perfectly match their owner. You just need to correctly choose the accessory that not only matches your style but also connects with your personality. 



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